NC Student Assist Loan and NC Parent Assist Loan

The NC Student Assist Loan for students and the NC Parent Assist Loan for parents are education loans that help bridge the gap between the cost of higher education and the amount received from other financial aid.

By borrowing a loan from College Foundation, Inc., you're supporting career and college outreach programs that empower North Carolinians to achieve their academic goals. This benefits society and strengthens the economy of the State of North Carolina.

The NC Assist Loan is an alternative education loan. This video offers financial education resources for students and parents of private student loans.

Loan Features

NO Fees

No origination fees

No application fees

No prepayment penalty fee

Competitive Fixed Rate

NC Student Assist Loan has a 6.5% fixed interest rate

NC Parent Assist Loan has a 5.5% fixed interest rate

Interest Rate Reduction for Auto-draft

A .25% reduction for auto-draft payments

Choose In-School or Deferred Payment Options

Repayment for the NC Student Assist Loan can be postponed based on enrollment status.

Loan Amount

Borrow up to the Cost of Attendance less other Financial Aid

Nonprofit Lender

Offered by College Foundation, Inc., your state-based nonprofit lender